About us...
 My husband and I met while working for a local
hardware store in 2007 and we married in July
2008.  Since then it has been a consistent
situation of adjustment and change.  He entered
our marriage with 2 children from a previous
marriage and I entered with 4 of my own, the
youngest being twins.  We both grew up in
South County and attended Affton School
District and still currently reside there.  We both
since have left our meeting place of employment
and moved on to bigger and better things but
not without learning the lesson that started
St. Louis County Window and Screen Repair.
Family is the most important thing, no matter
what job title you have or how much money you
Being Affton Residents for most of our lives, we
realized that "out of town" conglomerates do not
have the community in their interest, but their
pocket books instead.
So my husband set out to do what a good
person would do since the majority of our home
town residents are Senior Citizens living on
retired budgets.  Being a man that should have
been born in the '50's, he decided that screens
can save on electric, let people enjoy the beauty
that Mother Nature provides, and go a step
further and offer repairs at an affordable rate
with discounts and he will even take them out
and put them in.  With that idea,
St. Louis County Window and Screen Repair
was born.  Not knowing fully where to start, he
bought some sticky vinyl letters and put them on
the family van with Free Pick Up and Delivery
and a phone number.
After a short time, he started thinking about how
phone numbers don't stick when people see it
while they are driving and by the time they get
home, they don't remember the number they
With that in mind
was born.
Catchy little number that anyone, even me,
could remember.  Phone calls started coming in
from all over the community and even further
out.  With the number on our family van,
anywhere that we were driving, people could see
our number and we started receiving calls as far
out as Lake St. Louis.  My husband, ecstatic
about the response during a time that should
have been the slow part of the season, went
ahead and got the LLC for our little family idea
to help people out with a very simple thing.
In April of 2010, my over worked and over tired
husband (who still works outside of the
company) had an accident with a saw making
custom screens and almost completely removed
his thumb on his dominant hand.  We got
backed up, and I doing the screens, just wasn't
moving fast enough.  We enlisted the help of
other members of the family to help carry the
load while his thumb heals and through the
surgery the doctors want to do to it, but not one
screen goes out with out my husbands "Seal of
Approval" first, and quality is number one in his
We still live in Affton and probably will the rest of
our lives.  Our oldest daughter will be a Senior
at A.H.S. next year.  She will be the third
generation to call Affton her Alma Matter.  
A lot of residents know our faces from the local
hardware store that we were employed for, and
other jobs around the community.
Our 10 year old son, who is has been practicing
on family screens, can't wait until he can do
them on his own so the next generation is set to
carry on the morals that my husband has
instilled in this business:
Good Quality
Made in the U.S.A. materials
"If a child runs full force into this screen door, I
want the screen to stay in the frame and the kid
to bounce off of it".